Vincenzo Family Rooms

Since 1988

The hotel Vincenzo Family Rooms is centrally located in the city of Tinos, near the port and the church of Panagia Evangelistria It is a family business, the operation of which began in 1988 from Ioannis Vidalis. The aim was to create a hotel in which visitors will know closely the genuine Greek hospitality.

The traditional cycladic architecture of the enclosure, together with the modern amenities and exceptional services which offers, make it an ideal destination for your holiday in Tinos throughout the year.

Our Standard

1. Hospitality
At vincenzo the values ​​of authentic Greek hospitality governing every aspect of the services we offer.
2. Service
Our main concern is to offer to our guests the best possible experience of their vacation. Our staff takes care to keep happy even the most discerning traveler.
3. Own raw materials
The products we use to prepare meals originate from our garden and our animals.
4. Servicies
In Vincenzo we believe that our customers deserve our best, for this reason we strive to enhance our services and become better.